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Spotlight: BOOKMAN Bicycle Lights (new colors now available!)

Sure, we wish every bike ride occurred on a perfect, sunny day—but it doesn’t always work out that way. Which is why BOOKMAN lights are great. They’ll alert others to your presence (and light the way) in bad weather or after the sun goes down.  

In additional to our usual palette, we now have new Clay and Dark Jade hues in stock.

Why we love at Eleanor’s: Anything that combines safety with streamlined style is a winner in our book.


TGIF: A tête-à-tête with Designer Jaclyn Carter of Love Jac

imageTell us a bit about Love Jac.

Love Jac Cards has been a dream of mine for years.  After having my daughter, Georgia, two years ago, I finally made it a reality.  We create handmade cards that say exactly what you’re thinking, helping you stay connected with your friends the old-fashioned way.  Our cards combine beautiful photographs, unique sayings, and bright colored card stock to create a piece of art you’ll want to cherish forever.

What’s your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

I lived in midtown on the east side of Manhattan for a couple years, and although the bike path along the East River is an obstacle course compared to the luxury they have on the west side, I’d have to say Carl Schurz Park at 89th Street is my favorite.  Getting there always made me feel like a true New Yorker!

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Twig Terrariums are #Schwinning

Brooklyn-based Twig Terrariums makes tiny worlds out of moss, models, and a lot of love, and we just had to share this one with you (especially because our founder rides a vintage Schwinn).  The glass container is handblown from recycled glass, and the little wood stopper is artisan-crafted.  Each little biking figure varies, so you never know what you’re going to get, but we daresay it’ll be… #Schwinning.imageImage courtesy of Twig

Wanderlust Wednesday: Our 5 Favorite Rompers For Easy Summer Cycling

Whoever invented the romper deserves a pat on the back.  There’s almost nothing more convenient when it comes to stylish cycling than suiting up in a romper: it’s an all-in-one outfit that won’t restrict your movement when you’re riding around.  More casual playsuits are great for days spent picnicking in the park, while something a bit fancier can be an attractive alternative to a summer dress for nicer occasions, especially when punctuated with a few great accessories.  Take a peek at 5 of our favorite rompers for summer cycling.imageImage courtesy of Pinterest

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Our Favorite Saltwater Picks For Biking to the Beach


1.) SüLi Bike Seat Cap: It’s always good to have a bike seat cap, whether you’re caught in a freak storm or just facing some major waves.

2.) Dalman Supply Co. Rope Bike Lock: This rope-wrapped cable lock will keep your bike safe when you get back to the dock.

3.) Iva Jean Rain Cape in Yellow: This limited edition color will keep you visible, mobile, and most importantly, dry when you’re biking at the shore.  It also gives you the air of a seasoned old fisherman… can’t go wrong.

4.) Lobster: You can’t pass up on a good lobster boil if you’re near the shore.  The most excellent choice when you’re looking for some seaside nosh.

5.) Saltwater Sandals: The ultimate sandal is perfect for sand and sea - they’re waterproof and very sturdy, and have a classic look that’s sure to work with anything you throw on this season.

6.) A ship in a bottleWe love anything in miniature, and that includes seafaring vessels.  A ship in a bottle is a cute way to add some old time-y, nautical charm to any space.

7.) A Nantucket Bike BasketC’mon, they have Nantucket in their name.  This basket is perfect for toting beach essentials at the shore (or anywhere, really) and gives your bike a charming, classic look.

TGIF: Interview with Christina of City Girl Rides


Q: What is City Girl Rides?

A: City Girl Rides is a women’s bicycle lifestyle blog I started when I got my bike WendyBird as a gift when I lived in San Francisco. The blog is a blend of collections of my adventures, findings, and inspirations when biking throughout the city and has progressed into a space to sharing my experiences to empower like minded women who ride bikes, love adventure and fashion, and love being part of their communities in their cities.

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4th of July Essentials By Bike


1.) Rise and Pine Romper from ModCloth: We love this fun, playful look for whatever Fourth festivities you have in store.

2.) Classic Bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways: We’re going to set the mood with some good ol’ American bluegrass music.  Smithsonian Folkways reissues early American recordings, both on vinyl and digital formats, for a whole new generation of listeners.

3.) A good American beer: Harken back to early America with a great American beer.  Thomas Jefferson would be proud - in fact, brewing was a huge part of daily life at his estate, Monticello.

4.) An upcycled porter bike crate: What better way to transport your 4th of July picnic than with a true piece of Americana?  Our upcycled bike crates are actually vintage porter crates lovingly retrofitted to give your bike a classic look.

5.) Sparklers: Gotta have some sparklers for Independence Day.  Fun for young and old, they’re a classic holiday staple.

6.) A classic bike basketLike this one, handmade in Peterboro, New Hampshire.  A timeless accessory that’ll come in handy when it comes time to pack up and head off to your perfect fireworks-viewing spot.

7.) BOOKMAN bicycle lightsSafety first.  You’ll need a pair of these bad boys to ensure that both pedestrians and motorists can see you when you’re biking home from fireworks in the dark.  What’s more, they come in a variety of patriotic colors.